About Smartz

Smartz AG is a global purpose-built Swiss Company focused on delivering world leading Smart Wearable Technology. 

With over 10 years of corporate and technical experience and an investment of $50M, Smartz AG delivers the world’s leading, smart wearable technology providing mission critical solutions for the aged care industry.

Smartz licenses its technology to the world’s leading diaper manufacturers, enabling them to rapidly and cost effectively transition traditional hygiene solutions to truly smart and connected devices. The transition of a traditional diaper into a smart device is extremely rapid, does not require capital expenditure, nor does it impact manufacturing speed or performance.

Smartz is an application driven, cloud-based solution which transforms a traditional diaper into a smart and connected medical device. Smartz delivers a vital step into the future of patient centred care and smart hygiene.

Equipped with a lightweight, flexible printed sensor and reusable pod, a Smartz diaper enables remote monitoring of moisture, movement and temperature. Alerts are displayed through the app located on a chosen smart device with an intuitive dashboard delivering immediate, valuable and actionable information to caregivers.

The complete solution has been developed in line with the highest security, safety and privacy standards.

The Smartz team provides support to the manufacturer in the form of e-learning modules for aged care staff and clinical and technical support during the initial implementation period.

Clinical studies of the Smartz solution have demonstrated significant quantitative and qualitative benefits in improved care for patients and staff productivity benefits.

Smartz AG is a Swiss Company registered in the canton of Zug, Switzerland.  This location facilitates access to major target markets globally.


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